God Creates

Genesis 1.1 says In the beginning God created….

This has been a hot topic for a long time.

There are a number of opinions within the Christian community about who done it and when.

Was there a bang, a boom, or is that all a big bust?

Here are 6 opinions in Christian communities about creation. I want to thank Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill in Seattle for this outline. Gracias Mark.

1. Exegetical Historic Creationism-the Hebrew word bereshith “in the beginning” means an indefinite period of time. This could have been billions of years. Historic creationism also holds to the truth that after this creating for an indefinite period of time, six days of creation took place. In this view you have much time elapsing and 6 literal days.

2. New Earth Creationism-This view holds to a literal 6 days of creation and essentially rejects scientific claims.

3. Gap Theory-This view posits that two creative events happened in Genesis 1-3. The first event explains the “oldness” of the world, and the second event explains the “newness” as it relates to the literal 6 days of creation.

4. Literary Picture-This view holds that the creation account is a lovely literary picture.

5. Creative Event Theory-This position sees creation happening in 6 events without chronological limitation of 24 hour time period.

6.Theistic Evolution- Theistic evolution believes that God created but then removed himself from direct control. This allows the theory of evolution to emerge.

So where do you land and how bad do you want to fight over your position?

Let’s have some fun this week. Watch for more posts as I develop this message.


8 thoughts on “God Creates

  1. This should be very interesting! A lot of people get really worked up over this topic. On one side, you have the atheist who believes that macro-evolution drives everything in the universe and that life on our planet happened purely by chance. Science explains everything. On the other extreme side is the Christian who believes that the earth is just 10,000 years old and that it was created in a literal 6 days. Recently, a special museum called “The Creation Museum” opened up in Kentucky (go to http://www.creationmuseum.org ). This museum shows dinosaur bones, fossils and even has a planetarium like a natural history museum would have, but it explains it all from a Creationist point of view and claims that it is all backed up by science. On their website, it says, “The museum's striking exhibits demonstrate to guests that the Bible is the “true history book of the universe”

    It should come to no surprise to you that I am no where near the atheist’s view of evolution; however, would it shock you to know that I would not take my family to the Creation Museum?

    I don’t know the answer to this. All I know is that macro-evolution is bogus and I don’t think our earth is only 10,000 years old. Somewhere in the middle I probably land. I don’t get too worked up about not knowing the answer to the mystery of the creation account. But, I do get very, very worked up about the Creator. God, the Creator of the universe, still cares about me and desires my heart. My relationship with God and my heart for serving others is what matters, not trying to prove the scientific community wrong by spending $27 million on building a Creation Museum.

    Here’s a news report on the Creation Museum. It’s very interesting. Check it out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TME30pPBw58 or just go to youtube and type in creation museum.


  2. If the earth were not old, we would not be able to see the stars, as they are millions of light years away and it takes millions of years for that light to reach us. I believe in six long creation days. I believe we are in the seventh day now, when God rested.


  3. Stay away from Mark Driscoll. He is a wolf in sheeps clothing.Check out defendingcontending.com and punch in his name,you will be shocked at his supposed Christianity.
    As for how old the earth is,there is alot of new evidence on how young the earth is. We now know the moon moves away from the earth a few inches a year. The sun is alawys expanding, if the universe was millions of years old the sun would be out to about venus by now, in size!


  4. OOPS! Back to the moon. If the moon is moving away from the earth a few inches a year then the evidence for a old earth,millions of years, is not possible.Genesis 1:24-25 day 6 of creation week, God created different kinds of land animals. Job 41 describes a great animal that lived in the sea that even breathed fire. Job 40:15-24 is good reading.Isaiah 30:6 the fiery flying serpent.
    The word dinosaur was invented in 1841 by Sir Richard Owen.


  5. I found NCFF about 10 years ago when there was a creation seminar advertised on KAST radio. It was a held on a evening at NCFF. It was the Young Earth View with 6 real earth days and made a great case against evolution. I agree with their views, I bought some video tapes and a book. Their web site is http://www.icr.org, maybe you can invite them back!

    Some good Young Earth books I have:
    Starlight and Time “Solving the puzzle of distant starlight in a young universe”.

    The Young Earth by John D. Morris (from icr.org)

    Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation by Dennis R. Petersen (wow, the other books use geological evidence, this one uses cosmology)
    This book explains how the expanding universe has distorted time. (Theory of General Relativity) So there could have been literal 6 days of creation with a smaller expanse of the universe allowing starlight to fill all of it quickly, then the universe expanded much more since then. So now it appears the light traveled millions of light years. (Gravitational time dilation) God could have used relativity to make a young universe.
    “Who stretches out the heavens like a curtain, and spreads them out like a tent to dwell in” Isaiah 40:22

    I love this subject!


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