Revelation:The Bible Study!!!!

Beginning October 26, 2010 North Coast Family Fellowship will host a Bible study Tuesday nights in the youth room on…here it comes…wait for it…The Book of Revelation!!!

Pastor Glen will lead the study on this amazing book from 6:30-7:30 PM. Please check out this blog for the dates, holidays, child care info, collateral reading, notes, and the chapter we are currently covering. Glen has a background in New Testament Greek, Classical Greek, Old Testament Hebrew, and Aramaic which he will utilize throughout the study.

Our dream is to reach the coast for Christ in many different gatherings (venues) for a culture of varied backgrounds. On Sunday mornings at 9:30A in the main auditorium you will find music with pulse. At the 11:00A worship gathering we believe no one walks away thinking the music too loud. We also offer two hymns at the second service. The Cove which meets currently in the youth room at 9:30A will move into a commercial site February 6, 2011 with a more intimate gathering and guitar driven music to reach our unchurched community.

Our vision for the Tuesday night Bible study connects to our community which cannot worship Sundays due to work schedules. We believe the Tuesday night study in time will have a deep sense of community reaching out to the tourist industry. When it does, we can bring the music and the message from Sunday to Tuesday night.

So, please invite your friends who work on Sundays to this great venue. Or if you miss a Sunday service, you are very welcome to gather with us.

Our community on Tuesday nights will start sharply at 6:30P in the youth room. We will spend a few minutes unpacking the current chapter and highlighting insights from Gordon Fee’s book, How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth (HRBW). You may purchase a copy from the NCFF bookstore. We will then break up with intimate small groups of 5-6 people to discuss the chapter verse by verse. You will love it. At 6:40 we will gather again as a large group to talk over your discoveries and answer questions. You will find this one of the most powerful teaching methods you have ever experienced.

We will finally close with intimate prayer. Please bring your hurt and pain, and together we will pray for your story. Your heart matters to God.

Child care is an important question people ask. It is vital for us to care for our children with excellence. In a large study like this it is possible to have 30 children. The best way to handle correctly our children is with our Bible study community. Here’s what that looks like. Each night we will collect a modest offering to pay a child care provider (ccp). A couple bucks from each attendee goes a long way. Then we will ask one of the cool people at the study to help schedule the ccp’s for the study complete with a back up team to insure that our kids are well cared for. We will ask the parents present to give us a list of their best ccps and when this is all in place, we can move forward with appropriate care for our kids on Tuesday nights. So to begin with we will work on the process before we offer care. What this means practically is that you will need to find child care while we get our system organized.

What you will need for the study:

1. A great attitude…this book has caused division for generations. Our focus will be on Jesus and…Hope. We will ask you to raise your right hand and solemnly commit to respect other people’s opinions and not cause division. 🙂

2. A good translation of the Bible which you understand; Glen uses the New Living Translation. Unchurched people tell us they get it. We also enjoy reading from different translations so please bring your favorite. Also, it is important to have a Bible with commentary. We will be referencing Old Testament apocalyptic literature so a commentary which can guide you will be important.

3. Gordon Fee’s book, How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth.

4. A passion to serve, to plant this study as a church, to reach unchurched friends and family who work on Sundays.

Our Schedule 6:30P to 7:30P Tuesday Nights through February 2011 is:

October 26 Chapter 22 of Revelation and How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth (HRBW) Chapter 13: The Revelation; Images of Judgment and Hope.

November 2 Chapter 1 of Revelation and HRBW Chapter 1: The Need to Interpret.

November 9 Chapter 2 of Revelation and HRBW Chapter 2: The Basic Tool; A Good Translation.

November 16 Chapter 3 of Revelation and HRBW Chapter 3: The Epistles; Learning to Think Contextually.


November 30 Chapter 4 of Revelation and HRBW Chapter 4:The Epistles; The Hermeneutical Questions.

December 7 Chapter 5 of Revelation and HRBW Chapter 5: The Old Testament Narratives; Their Proper Use.

December 14 Chapter 6 of Revelation and HRBW Chapter 6: Acts; The Question of Historical Precedent.




January 11 OFF:Glen will be in Tijuana on a mission.

January 18 Chapter 7 of Revelation and HRBW Chapter 7: The Gospels; One Story, Many Dimensions.

January 25 Chapter 8 of Revelation and HRBW Chapter 8: The Parables; Do You Get the Point?

February 1 Chapter 9 of Revelation and HRBW Chapter 9: The Law(s); Covenant Stipulations for Israel.

February 8 Chapter 10 of Revelation and HRBW Chapter 10: The Prophets; Enforcing Covenant in Israel.

February 15 Chapter 11 of Revelation and HRBW Chapter 11: The Psalms; Israel’s Prayers and Ours.

February 22 Chapter 12 of Revelation and HRBW Chapter 12: Wisdom; Then and Now.

If you have any questions, please contact Glen on Facebook,, text at 503-440-5532, office 503-738-7453 or feel free to comment directly on this blog.

We will update our schedule in February to account for any delays in our progress. We project the Revelation Study will complete in May. Thanks for belonging to the hope of the planet, the Church of Jesus and this awesome study as we reach the coast for Christ.

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